Master’s track dedicated to Instrumentation and Measurement Science for Major Nuclear Research Facilities (IMSci-Nu)

The international master’s track IMSci-Nu is included in the Master’s degree focusing on Instrumentation, Measurement, Metrology (5 Tracks, more than 130 students). IMSci-Nu addresses challenges in the nuclear fission and fusion fields.


The objective is to train specialist researchers, project managers and engineers able to choose instrumentation and implement measurements in order to realize experimental physics work for major equipment in the field of nuclear energy (nuclear fission, fusion), and to interpret the results thanks to numerical simulations, if necessary.

The main scientific skills to be acquired are:

– a knowledge of nuclear reactions, radiation/matter interactions, nuclear physics

– a strong knowledge of the various major research facilities in terms of operating principles, experimental constraints/conditions, societal and research issues (reactors and tokamaks)

– a mastering nuclear instrumentation and detection, diagnostics

– an expertise in experimental and measurement sciences (measurement chain, metrology, ergonomics, experimental design and feedback, signal processing and data analysis)

– a knowledge of numerical modeling

The main soft skills are:

– be able to identify and use information sources on nuclear standards

– ensure a scientific and bibliographic watch and be able to write scientific documents

– know the rules and practices of intellectual property and patents

– conduct and organize a scientific research project

– work in a multidisciplinary team and in autonomy

– use knowledge of interculturality in international nuclear projects

– master the English language

– communicate with scientific and international codes

The main jobs are:

PhD, research engineer, R&D project manager, nuclear/test/instrumentation/metrology engineer and metrology manager in university, nuclear center, research organism, international nuclear infrastructure, service company, international industry, high-tech company, private specialized Lab.

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Program location: campus St. Jérôme-Marseille-France

Start: IMSci-Nu will start in October 2022.

Admission requirements:

– A first year of master (M1) or a master degree (M2) or a master of science degree (MSc) in instrumentation or metrology or applied sciences or nuclear physics or physics or physics-chemistry or material sciences or thermal sciences or energy or engineering sciences or microelectronics

– Engineer degree in instrumentation or metrology or applied science or nuclear physics or physics or physics-chemistry or material sciences or thermal sciences or energy or microelectronics 

Each candidate will have an interview.