The first year of the MOBIL-APP project has been successfully completed. 16 students were selected with a special process and prepared thanks to special courses, seminars and visits organized by the CEA (Cadarache center), by EDF (Tricastin Power Plant) and by the AMU-CEA-CNRS joint laboratory (LIMMEX).

Then the selected and prepared students undertook a period of mobility. Two partners hosted these students. More precisely the students were divided into two groups. Each group of 8 students were hosted by one partner. The two partners corresponded to the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory of the MIT and the Polish Nuclear Center (NCBJ) respectivelly.

During the mobility period, the students had seminars and presentations preformed by the partner, they presented their activities done in their companies, they visited nuclear facilities such as the MARIA reactor in Poland and the MITR in USA, they carried out exercices/practices, they visited companies (MIRION Technologies and RMD-DYNASIL in USA, POLATOM and The Maria Skłodowska Curie Memorial Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology in Poland) and they had cultural activities (museum visits and campus visits for instance).

After the mobility period, each student wrote a report in english and completed a questionnaire for the assesment of their satisfaction. The students gave their opinion on several points (preparation in France, administrative and logistics aspects, scientific and technologic aspects, international mobility period…) and answered to various questions. They expressed their satisfaction (more than 93%).