MOBIL-APP Organization

The MOBIL-APP project is divided into three main phases:
  • before the mobility period (phase 1)
  • during the mobility period (phase 2)
  • after the mobility period (phase 3)
Phase 1
  • Student selection
  • Visit to Cadarache CEA Center
  • Visit to LIMMEX Laboratory
  • Visit to EDF Power Plant
  • Talks given by representatives of EDF, the CEA and University
  • Seminars with scientists and experts invited from international partners
  • An Education Unit dedicated to an introduction to Research with international bibliographical works on Nuclear Detection and Instrumentation
  • Courses in English and communication, each student in particular having to give a talk presenting his/her educational background, company activities and professional responsibilities
Phase 2
  • Visits to relevant facilities (different types of reactors such as MTR, research reactor, TRIGA reactor)
  • Short courses
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Experimental works (study of practical cases of irradiated instrumentation)
  • Company visits
  • Cultural visits (museums, public libraries, university campuses)
Phase 3
  • A scientific, technical and cultural report written in English by each student
  • Assessments at different moments:
    • After the mobility period
    • During M2 period (second year of Master)
  • Quantification of the impact on the student’s professional integration rate and the number of diploma holders recruited for jobs in the nuclear energy field.