Thanks to A*Midex, it was possible to organize a period of mobility in remote mode. 10 students will participate from July 5 to July 13, 2021.

A complete program has been realized involving the CEA, the CFA Epure Méditerranée, the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory of MIT, the Slovenian JSI Institute, the Univ. of Michigan and the company CAEN Sys. Students will have:

  • seminars given by the MIT NRL and JSI
  • a seminar given by the MIT GLS on aspects of international communication
  • seminars given by all selected students to present their academic background and their activities in the context of their apprenticeships in different companies
  • practical exercises (Geiger Muller detector and fission chamber)
  • visits of two types of research reactors (MITR and JSI TRIGA) thanks to video and online camera
  • scientific presentations on nuclear instrumentation and related research programs
  • educational escape game
  • visit of the LIMMEX laboratory
  • visit of a museum
  • visit of the CEA center of Cadarache
  • artistic and communication activity (Graffiti on the theme of mobility)