MOBIL-APP Partners

The eight partners involved in the MOBIL-APP project are:

French partners:

  • CEA
  • CFA Epure Méditerranée (Apprentice Training Center)
  • EDF

American partner:

  • Nuclear Reactor Laboratory of MIT (an interdepartmental laboratory)

European partners:

  • NCBJ (Polish nuclear center)
  • SCK-CEN (Belgium nuclear center)
  • Josef Stefan Institute (Slovenia Research Institute)

Mediterranean partner:

  • CNESTEN (Moroccan nuclear center)

They are involved in high level research works or research and development activities. They possess different and interesting kinds of nuclear facilities requiring dedicated instrumentation and measurement methods:

  • CEA Cadarache: for instance the CABRI Reactor (pool type research reactor dedicated to fast power transients and therefore to simulating a reactivity insertion accident in a PWR electricity-generating reactor), JHR under construction (Material Testing Reactor, 100MWth), WEST Tokamak (Fusion Tokamak with actively cooled tungsten divertor), RES (research testing reactor for nuclear naval propulsion), and MASURCA (critical facility, zero power research reactor 5kWth)
  • MIT: MIT-R, a pool type research reactor (6MWth) containing in-core experiment facilities and an instrumented water loop.
  • NCBJ: MARIA, a Material Testing Reactor (24MWth)
  • SCK-CEN: BR2, a High Flux Material Testing Reactor (100mWth) and BR1 for research in reactor and neutron physics (700kWth)
  • JSI and CNESTEN: TRIGA reactor (250kWth)
  • EDF: Nuclear Power Plants from Gen II to Gen III

The role of each partner

The role of the university teaching team is to

  • Prepare apprentices before the mobility period by scheduling dedicated courses and education units, visits and conferences
  • Implement the courses and visit to the LIMMEX laboratory
  • Prepare, together with the international partners, a practical case study corresponding to an irradiation campaign of instrumentation
  • Organize the mobility period by interacting with CFA, international partners and EDF and by choosing activities
  • Supervise and assist the apprentices during their mobility period
  • Select cultural activities
  • Perform assessments after the mobility period
  • Communicate/disseminate the results and conclusions of the project

The CFA role is to

  • Help and accompany in the implementation of the mobility by considering the specific rules, laws and regulations relating to apprenticeship
  • Be involved in cofounding and financial support applications
  • Facilitate links with apprentices’ companies and ensure their authorization/agreement

The role CEA is to

  • Propose visits to installations in the CADARACHE center
  • Organize a conference on international Research Reactor challenges, activities and instrumentation
  • Organize courses

The EDF role is to participate in the preparation of the apprentices by

  • Proposing visits to installations in France
  • Organizing conferences on international energy topics
  • Connecting us with international companies

The role of international partners is to host apprentices for two weeks by

  • Proposing and describing possible activities, such as facility presentation and visits, short-courses, seminars by researchers, workshops with local students (PhD students, internship students) and local post-doctoral researchers
  • Organizing and ensuring the selected activities
  • Studying a practical case or other experimental works